Family Remodeling Contractors redesign kitchens and bathrooms for individuals with limited mobility

When you or a family member have limited mobility, it is vital to provide wheel chair accessible and barrier free rooms in your home. At Family Remodeling Contractors, we stay educated on current ADA guidelines so that we can give your home the accessibility that you need for a comfortable and safe living environment.

In your bathroom we can install:

  • Roll-in showers
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Tub to walk-in shower conversion
  • Hand showers
  • Shower and tub seats
  • Grab bars
  • Wheel chair accessible sinks
  • Tilt mirrors

For your kitchen:

  • Wheel chair accessible cabinets
  • Custom countertop height
  • Wheel chair accessible sinks
  • ADA compliant faucets
  • Roll out shelving

We can also provide wider door openings in every room of your home and wheel chair ramps.
We understand the unique challenges to creating a living space that is best for you and your needs. We are dedicated to providing what will ultimately work best for you and we are committed to working within your time constraints and budget. We take into consideration access, safety, ease of maintenance and aesthetics for each and every client that we serve, and we take great pride and satisfaction in making your life easier.