Industrial Laundry Machinery

Your industrial laundry machinery also needs regular upkeep. Whether you are looking for reliable technical support, regular maintenance, or are merely starting to plan your laundry facility, Brim Laundry Machinery is here to provide you with the products and service you need. The company specializes in new and used equipment, layout design, rigging, and installation of laundry facilities.

Commercial and industrial laundry machinery and equipment are built for heavier duty capacities than their household counterparts. They feature significantly larger drum sizes and a more powerful motor, thus higher spin speeds than domestic devices. They are designed for use as part of an industrial or commercial system, making them impractical at home. Designed to be a workhorse, an industrial washing machine isn't particularly energy efficient in household contexts, but it offers extreme benefits when it comes to heavy-duty laundry environments. In fact, commercial machines can wash heavily soiled clothing a lot quicker than your typical household machine.
Industrial washing machines are huge investments, which is why it is important to weigh different factors that make a high-power industrial laundry machinery system. Look at the device's spin speed, capacity, and overall efficiency before getting hooked by special features. While special new technologies like LED timers, time delay functions, and other high-tech additions are good to have, you want to invest in a machine that can do its job well and increase your facility's productivity.
Brim Laundry is your industrial and commercial laundry machinery specialist, offering you a wide collection of robust devices and equipment from the most trusted brands and names in the industry. Brim Laundry has served numerous laundry facilities, supplying them with brand new and used machines, parts, and services to establish their business.

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